Sales Terms

1. Sales

All sales are final and non-returnable except as specifically stated herein. All sales must be paid in full before delivery or pickup.

  • Returns: Once an invoice has been scheduled for delivery, the invoice items have been transferred from the warehouse to a store for pick-up, or the customer has taken possession of the merchandise all approved returns will be charged a 30% restocking fee. A restocking fee will be charged for all returns, including returns due to a customer's change in preference of color, size, if the item does not fit, or any other reason. There will be no refund of a pickup or delivery fee. After deducting the restocking fee and delivery fee, the customers hall be entitled to store credit for the remaining balance of the purchase price.
  • Cancellation: A customer may cancel his/her order within seventy-two (72) hours of placing the order and receive a full refund of his/her deposit or store credit All cancellations after the seventy-two (72) hour cancellation period has expired are subject to a cancellation charge in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the invoice amount. This seventy-two (72) hour window does not apply if the customer has picked up their merchandise or scheduled a delivery. In that case, the invoice will be treated as a return, and provisions of Section 1.a will apply
  • Floor Samples/Clearance: All floor samples and clearance items are AS-IS and final sales. Floor pieces must be paid in full and picked up or scheduled for delivery within 72 hours of purchase. Except for its gross negligence, Raley's Home Furnishings and its agents are not responsible for damages to floor samples and clearance items after the sale of such items, and take no responsibility or any damage caused during delivery
  • All special orders, factory-ordered merchandise and custom orders are final and are not subject to cancellation exchange or refund, unless otherwise provided herein. The provisions of Section 1.a herein shall apply to the cancellation of all special orders, factory-order merchandise and custom orders.
  • Payments made by personal check may require awaiting time of 10 business days before customer can take possession of the merchandise.
  • All in store orders require at least a 75% down payment before being processed if less than 75% is deposited on the sale, Raley's Home Furnishings makes no guarantees regarding any future availability of the product. In addition if less than 50% down at time of purchase, then the order will not be processed until invoice is paid in full.

2. Price-Holds

This is for in-store purchases only. All price-holds are guarantees for the prices of the merchandise and require a special order. A Price-Hold is not a layaway agreement and does not guarantee that Raley's Home Furnishings will hold a particular item chosen by customer. Upon payment of a mandatory minimum deposit of 25% or the purchase price, including sales tax and delivery charges, Raley's Home Furnishings will hold the price on such Price-Hold merchandise for a period of 90-days or until customer pays for the Price-Hold merchandise in full, whichever is sooner. Customer is in default whenever 15 days has lapsed from the scheduled date on which the customer failed to make a required payment, and when customer fails to pay the remaining balance due within 105 days (which includes a 15-day grace period) of the Price-Hold agreement. Upon customer default, Raley's Home Furnishings shall not be liable for the availability or honoring the Price Hold price of any merchandise. The Customer shall have the right to cancel a Price Hold agreement within seven days of the Price Hold agreement and receive a full refund on the deposit. After the one week cancellation period has expired the Customers hall have the right to cancel a Price Hold agreement and Raley's Home Furnishings shall charge a cancellation fee in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the layaway price or the total amount paid by the customer to the date of default, whichever is less.

3. Unauthorized Terms and Errors

Any other terms and agreement not contained herein, whether oral or written are invalid unless expressly approved by management in writing and signed by both a Raley's Home Furnishings manager and customer. Miscalculation and clerical errors in sales terms and prices are subject to review by management and may be adjusted accordingly within 90 days of discovering the error.

Pick Up & Delivery

4. Delivery

Signature upon delivery represents merchandise being received in good condition and by signing, customer releases Raley's Home Furnishings and its delivery service from any claim or damage to household personal properly. Any defective merchandise must be reported to our service department within 72 hours of delivery.

  • Any merchandise left unscheduled for more than 2 weeks after becoming available for delivery shall be reallocated to common stock and treated as a cancellation here-under. Raley's Home Furnishings is not responsible for delivery if incorrect contact information is submitted during the sale.
  • Neither Company nor its delivery service shall be held responsible for failure to deliver if such failure is caused by inclement weather, traffic problems or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company or its delivery service. The delivery shall be rescheduled promptly. If Raley's Home Furnishings fails to deliver the merchandise within two weeks of the estimated delivery date, you may (1) cancel the contract and receive a full refund or credit equal to your deposit, (2) modify the contract by selecting other merchandise, or (3) negotiate with Raley's Home Furnishings or another delivery date. However, Raley's Home Furnishings is not required to allow you to exercise your rights to a refund or new selection of merchandise if Raley's Home Furnishings cannot cancel the order with the manufacture or supplier. Customers must be available to receive a scheduled delivery. A customer who cancels a scheduled delivery within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery, or is unavailable to receive the delivery shall be charged a re-delivery fee, in an amount equal to the original delivery fee.
  • In the event a customer refuses a delivery due to the customer's change in preference or color, size, or preference or the furniture does not fit, or for any other reasons, the provisions of Section 1.a shall apply.
  • By signing the delivery receipt, the customer releases Raley's Home Furnishings, its agents and contractors from any liability as a result of damage to Customer's home and/or property.
  • Will not deliver merchandise above the third floor without elevator. We do not remove any old merchandise from your premises at the time of delivery.

5. Pick Up

Customer must inspect all merchandise at time of pickup. Signature upon pickup represents merchandise being received in good condition and by signing, customer releases Raley's Home Furnishings and its employees from any claim or damage to the merchandise or customer's vehicle. Raley's Home Furnishings employees are not responsible for loading merchandise on to customer's vehicle. Raley's Home Furnishings shall not be responsible for loss or damage to customer's vehicle or for any loss or damage to the Merchandise after pickup. Raley's Home Furnishings is also not responsible for any missing or damaged personal effects during pickup Customers are solely responsible for securing their vehicle during pickup. The person's name on the invoice must be present for pickup or a waiver must be filled out. Everyone must have a photo ID to pick up.

Return & Refund

6. Charge Backs and Returned Checks

There shall be a charge of $100.00 for any charge-back on a purchase applied to that credit card. Any returned checks will be subject to a charge of $35.00.

Merchandise Variation

Due to the nature of wood, there may be slight variations in stain or grain of merchandise Due to the nature of marble, variations in the veining of marble are normal and expected. Any returns because of the variations due to the nature of wood and marble will be treated as a return based on customer preference and the provisions of Section 1.a shall apply.

7. Price Matching

If within 14 days of your purchase, Raley's Home Furnishings offers the same item you purchased for less, you are entitled the entitle difference either as a refund or store credit. The Price Matching provisions shall not apply to sales of the following items: floor models, clearance items and discontinued items, and special orders.

8. Refund

If a refund is permitted cash and check payments will be refunded by Company check within 21 business days. Credit card payments will be credited directly to that credit card only. Financed purchases will be credited to that account Due to legal and contractual obligations all credit card payments and finance payments must be refunded to the original form of payment regardless of the status of customers account. No exceptions will be made, Customer shall also have the option of store credit.

9. Collections

Customer agrees to pay all fees and expenses incurred by Raley's Home Furnishings, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees and all costs relating to the collection of overdue balances.

10. Warranties

Unless specified in contract or by Maryland law, Raley's Home Furnishings expressly disclaims all warranties except the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Raley's Home Furnishings supports manufacturers' warranties, when approved by manufacturer. Additionally, third-party warranty coverage is available for purchase.